End Illegal Lockdown

In Hawaii

On this the 26th day of May, 2020, We the People of the state of Hawai’i, in the United States of America, do hereby petition Governor David Y. Ige to demand an immediate rescinding of all the rules in the emergency proclamations made since March 4th, 2020, and an immediate ceasing and desisting of all restrictions being imposed as a result of the declaration of a state of emergency. Your claim of a state of emergency is fraudulent and not founded in factual data. This petition also serves as a Notice of Liability. Our points of contention are set forth and those who are perpetrators will be held lawfully accountable.

Your claim of an “emergency” is based on models whose figures were later shown to have been vastly exaggerated and whose assumptions concerning the virulence and mortality rate of COVID-19 were later shown to be false. Your statement in the 8th Proclamation, “WHEREAS, COVID-19 continues to endanger the health, safety, and welfare of the people of Hawai’i and a response requires the serious attention, effort, and sacrifice of all people in the State to avert unmanageable strains on our healthcare system and other catastrophic impacts to the State” holds no merit when the entire state of Hawai’i has only had 17 deaths since the so-called emergency began, and only 2 new cases in the past 30 days. Our hospitals have been empty. There is no strain whatsoever. There is no reason why the Government could not have handled this within the parameters of its normal capacity and functioning. For you to continue with emergency restrictions when there are several known cures for COVID-19 (including hydroxychloroquine) is a violation of your oath of office, a violation of our inherent God-given rights and an act of willful negligence and harm.

The only catastrophic impact on the islands has been caused by your “mitigation” tactics. Your policies have led to massive tangible damage to the People of Hawai’i, including but not limited to economic distress, the permanent destruction of small businesses and an increase in anxiety, depression, stress, theft, hard drug use, alcoholism, domestic violence, child abuse and – notably – suicides. The implementation of the practice of “social distancing” is not backed up by any science proving 6 feet distances stop the spread of viruses, yet such measures hamper the ability of the community to develop a natural herd immunity. Likewise, your face mask policy is not only unscientific, but also poses a serious health risk to the Hawai’i population, since it promotes hypoxia (under-oxygenation) which in turn lowers health and immunity. Hypoxia has been proven to be the forerunner and the cause of severe illnesses such as cancer.

We demand all of our rights be restored immediately, including but not limited to the following:
– our right to full bodily autonomy and personal medical sovereignty, e.g. the right to choose what goes into our bodies and to be in full control of our own health decisions, including how close we get to other people and whether we choose to wear masks or not;
– our rights to be secure in our person and to travel freely without being subjected to forced testing, isolation, medical intervention or vaccination;
– our right to privacy without being surveilled, tracked or “contact traced”; and
– our rights to lawfully work, trade, gather and assemble as we please without restriction.

We demand that the travel between the islands and the mainland be fully restored with no restrictions, so that we are allowed to do so without conditions or testing, knowing that failure to reopen travel will result in yet more economic harm and tangible damage to the People of Hawai’i. Lastly, we demand that you uphold your oath to the US Constitution, the supreme, paramount law of this land that can never be superseded by any so-called “emergency”.

End Illegal Lockdown in Hawaii

To Our Governing Officials,

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