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Because Hawai’i is unique with our freedom fighters separated by miles of ocean we have decided to start holding a monthly “Thursday group” for all islands by Zoom every second Saturday of the month at 3:30pm. This is a great opportunity for our leaders across all islands to come together and make contact with others in their area who are looking to get involved. We are looking for those who want to support MAFA and are willing to engage in fundraising activities to help us raise the money needed to bring the covid criminals in our government to justice. We also want to create a support system for those who refuse to abide by unlawful mandates as well as help for parents looking to homeschool and options for healthcare workers that have been shunned for upholding their Hippocratic oath. We do this by coming together and eventually creating our own “Thursday groups” (preferably in person) as outlined on the MAFA website.

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Oct 08 2022


3:30 pm - 4:30 pm


Levana Lomma


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