HSE Official Letter Admits ‘Isolation Records of COVID-19 Virus “Does not exist” — IF THIS IS TRUE IT CHANGES EVERYTHING

01/05/2021 By Will Justice 

(Will Justice) In an explosive report, Gemma O’Doherty and her legal action team show that their Freedom of Information request for proof the COVID-19 virus (SARS-CoV-2) has been isolated in a lab—thereby proving its existence—does not exist. This is a huge admission.

by Will Justice, January 5th, 2021

An independent action team in Ireland has been battling against officials who are all too quick to impose lockdowns and economic hardship on entire communities.

Their question is simple: Is there any proof lockdowns and mask mandates actually slow the spread of viruses?

To date, the action team reports that no studies proving the effectiveness of lockdowns or mask mandates exist. When they ask officials for evidence, the government never provides any.

But the biggest shock came when Sinead Roche, FOI Decision Maker for Health Service Executive Ireland, sent O’Doherty a letter openly admitting that no laboratory isolation records for COVID-19 exist.

Gemma O’Dhorety reports.

Here’s the letter.

To be clear, this letter is not proof that no virus exists at all. But what it does prove is that officials and governments, the world over, have essentially assumed that the virus exists without the normal standards of proof being followed. And based on what amounts to a rough guess—about the virus, the effectiveness of lockdowns, and mask mandates—governments have heald the entire world hostage.

To put it into perspective, this is like asking people to stay at home to defend against the risk of widespread car fires, when no evidence that widespread car fires exist. It’s what amounts to boogyman logic—that this mysterious and unidentified boogyman could get you, so you better not leave the house.

The fact no virus has been positively identified and isolated is a huge revelation.

The government’s job is to ensure any major disruptions to life for fear of a pandemic must be justified by carefully investigating and evaluating claims to ensure people don’t suffer without good reason. But that process never took place.

Billions of people the world over have been harmed by the negligence of officialdom. Vaccines are being pushed on to the world for a virus that hasn’t been properly identified. PCR tests that use DNA amplification are constantly producing questionably accurate results.

In a recent article, we showed you an email exchange from a drug company that the vaccine their producing was based on a computer model virus—it did not come from an infected person as one would think it should.

In short, the world should be shocked by these revelations.

Lives are being ruined.

Economies are being destroyed.

A generation of children are being neglected and effectively tortured with social isolation, leading to lifelong psychological issues.

All for a virus that hasn’t been properly identified.

When will we say “enough is enough!”