When you enter into a grocery store or any business and someone asks you where your face mask is ask them why they expect you to wear one. Here are the possible replies and the coinciding answer you should give:

“To prevent the spread of Covid-19 and keep our other customers safe.” To which you respond…

“Can I see the physicians affidavit to confirm that I am in fact a threat to public safety? Unless there is a medical assessment done by a medical professional that has been sworn by affidavit to affirm that I am carrying a communicable disease, and that affidavit has been given to a Health Official who then obtains a court order for me to be isolated, I am not a direct threat.”

“You have to wear one because it’s our store policy.” To which you reply…

“Your store policy cannot override my federally protected rights. You cannot enforce a store policy that is against the LAW.”

“It’s the law.” To which you reply…

“No, actually it’s not the LAW. The LAW is the Constitution, which protects my right to speak freely and obtain LIFE-giving oxygen without obstruction. The LAW is the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which outlaws discrimination and allows for equal access to goods and services under 42 U.S. Code, Section 2000a. There is no LAW which declares I must conceal my identity in order to shop. Can you show me the statute?”

“It’s for your health and safety and the safety of others.” To which you reply…

“Can I see your license to practice medicine? Are you a doctor? Are you my doctor? My doctor has advised against me wearing a mask or anything on my face. Did you know it is against the law to practice medicine without a license?”

When they are unable to answer your questions you then proceed to go about your shopping. If they try to block you from entering, advise them that they are committing a crime known as false imprisonment.

Just the act of harassment alone, even if only verbal, is considered assault. If they lay a finger on you it then becomes battery. Be sure to document the entire experience.

If they refuse to let you pass after advising them of the laws they are breaking you may choose to leave before the police are called but be sure to record the names of those involved and the time of the incident, as well as the details, for later reference.

Now you have a CAUSE OF ACTION for a Civil Complaint. You can then ask a court for an injunction to prevent Costco (or any other store) from violating your rights again or causing you continued harm by drafting and filing a “Complaint for Declaratory and Emergency Injunctive Relief”.

Even if you do NOT engage in any of this dialogue YOU STILL HAVE A CAUSE OF ACTION! The moment they refuse you entry even though you are a paying member they have committed the crime of harassment. You can turn around and leave right there and still follow through with the next steps. Be sure to watch the video below!

The only way that we are going to win this fight is if the people get BRAVE, GET EDUCATED and STAND UP! It is time to make our legal system work for us! It is time to take back our FREEDOM.