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While the CDC has just updated their guidance to allow counties with low to mild case counts the green light to end their mask mandates for indoor settings, Doctor King Ige has decided that he no longer cares what the CDC recommends. Two years of following the "science" is now being met with "sorry, but we make our own rules here." The only problem is this: the people have a RIGHT under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution to freedom of religion. Since Doctor King Ige is no longer following the science his mask mandate can be equated with only one thing: it is a CULT RITUAL. You have a right to refuse to be a part of the cult, and you also have a right to equal access to goods and services at public accommodations regardless of your religious beliefs!

Use this card to educate store employees and owners and other patrons about your constitutionally protected rights!

All proceeds go to the legal fund for lawsuits against Doctor King Ige and the State of Hawai'i.

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